Physics 838 Seminar
04.03.2017 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


SPEAKER: Prathum Saraf
Advisor: J. Paglione

TITLE: Point Contact Spectroscopy in Topological Candidate YPtBi

ABSTRACT: YPtBi is a strong candidate for topological behavior. Along with that it is also a superconductor at 0.77K. To better understand the connection between these phases, we look at the superconducting phase of YPtBi. To investigate this, we use the technique of Point Contact Spectroscopy. We will discuss why Point Contact spectroscopy could be a useful tool to investigate this material as well as some initial results about the properties of this material as well as the Point Contact Spectra. This will motivate some future work using Point Contact Spectroscopy to further our understanding of this material.

SPEAKER: Julia Sell
Advisor: J. Williams

TITLE: Superconducting Properties of Atomically-Thin NbSe2 Sheets

ABSTRACT: The superconducting members of the transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) family display unique superconducting properties arising from broken in-plane mirror symmetry and multiply occupied bands. Here, we report on device fabrication and low-temperature transport measurements of atomically-thin sheets of superconducting NbSe2. Deviations from conventional I-V curves and anomalous RF responses are observed and discussed in the context of superconducting behavior predicted for this material.